Scocchetti is a producer of interior furnishings for airlines, luxury ships/yachts, railway and bus companies, specializing itself particulary in covering for seats, carpets, curtains and headrest covers.
During many years of experience the company has significantly expanded its product range …

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Design and DOA services

Design and DOA Service

Scocchetti has estabilished a network of specialists each focused on a variety of design and maintenance procedures applied to aircraft interior cabin equipment. This allows Scocchetti – In Italy Interiors to provide a “turnkey” solutions for customers’ needs



Refurbishment and repairs, in addition to maintaining all parts properly in operation, provide the opportunity to renew passenger accomodation, improving comfort and refreshing the interior look. To get the best result, it is necessary to rely on a supplier capable of “adding value” to the process…

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News & Events
A new company profile

Scocchetti was founded in 1978 as a small but vibrant craft industry, growing and soon becoming an estabilished productive reality,… Read More

Mission: quality

In Italy Interiors offers an incomparable all around quality service, from the cabin visit and prototyping to the final production.… Read More

A new light weight leather

Looking to innovation. Saving weight remains the biggest target in the transport industry. Scocchetti continuously searches for new materials allowing… Read More

Maria Grazia Argentati

Tech and General Director

Raffaello Antognoli

General Director

Federica Fantozzi

Production Manager

Ilaria Carlini

Quality Assurance

Our production

Seat covers




Scocchetti produces interior furnishings for airlines, luxury ships/yachts, railway and bus companies, specialising in seat covers, carpets, curtains and headrest covers. The adjacent chart is the actual percentage of the last six months production.